Many common household cleaning products are acutely classified as hazardous waste. There is another side to this issue besides the pollution of our environment… the health of our families and pets.

Many of the chemicals found in our homes are used to make our lives easier. But we don’t realize the consequences of using many of these substances.

Chemical levels can be up to 70% higher inside the home then out. Over 100 chemicals commonly found in our homes have been linked to, cancer, birth defects, allergies, mental abnormalities, skin reactions, headaches, depression; join pain, chronic fatigue, chest pains, dizziness, loss of sleep…

Housewives have a 55% higher risk of getting cancer then do women working outside of home.

Our practices reduce the impact on natural resource consumption.

You can do all this and make your home, office or work place safer without sacrificing cleaning performance!


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